Linda K. Hansohn

1124 Amble Drive                                                                                                                                       651/733-0335

Arden Hills, MN 55112                                                                                                       


Strengths:    Database Design and Development...User Support... Project Team Lead...

Software Development Lifecycle... Oracle Development and Database Management...

Data Warehousing... SQL and PL/SQL Programming...Group facilitator and mediator...

Strong Problem Solving Skills


Education:   M.S.  Biometry and Biomedical Computing,

University of Minnesota, Mpls, MN


B.A.  Mathematics and Biology,

Hamline University, St.Paul, MN


Software:      Oracle, PL/SQL, SQL, Ingres DBMS, Java, Access, VMS, UNIX, MindManager,

MDL software tools, Windows, Microsoft Office, Visio




3M Pharmaceuticals

Senior Research Engineer (October 2002 – Present)

“Linda continues to be the "backbone" of our data management activities.  She sets very high standards in terms of both the quality of her work and the amount of work accomplished.”

New Technology Department Manager – 2005 Performance evaluation

·         Primary team member for 2 Black Belt and several Green Belt projects.

·         Provide Technical, User and DBA support all Drug Discovery Oracle databases and associated applications within Drug Discovery (this includes 3 chemical databases, a data warehouse, a plate management database and 2 assay databases).

·         Designed and built a new 4 Oracle databases for use in Drug Discovery.

·         Developed standards for the assay and compound data that is stored in the Drug Discovery data warehouse.

·         Developed PL/SQL procedures, functions and triggers within the Oracle databases used in Drug Discovery. 

·         Wrote scripts to load historical data from a variety of databases and files into the Drug Discovery data warehouse.

·         Developed Access forms and databases that link to Oracle databases for compound tracking.

·         Developed a support guide for all the application and database support functions that are done on a regular basis.

·         Write SQL scripts for a large variety of purposes (including but not limited to: conversion to alternative formats, combining information from multiple databases, application of new algorithms to historical data, summarizing data for a one-off purpose, and data correction).

·          Considered a ‘best practices’ expert in regards to data and databases. Consulted in variety of situations including naming conventions, and tools selection.


Hansohn Consulting

Consultant (November 2001-March 2002):

SSESCO:  November 2001- March 2002

Worked with SSESCO Sales and Marketing personnel to develop user requirements and then design and build a database in MySQL and a web-based Sales and Marketing database application.  Acted as project manager, database designer and application designer for the project.


Caribou Lake Software

Senior Consultant (November 1999-August 2001):

Seagate Technology:  January 2000-July 2001

Worked with Seagate Technology to convert a character based Ingres application to a more robust and enhanced Java/Oracle Web application for their Sales and Marketing division.  Participated in the full lifecycle of the project, performing a number of different roles.  These included:

·        Original scoping of the effort for the conversion.

·        Development of requirements, design, and test documents for a large number of the web screens and the majority of the reports.

·        Led the report conversion team for Caribou Lake and Worked with DBA team to develop database structure to serve as a datawarehouse for reporting purposes.

·        Evaluated tools for use in the new environment, including Appworx, Brio, Crystal Reports, Cognos, and various Oracle tools.

·        Performed formal test of user screens and acted as a focal point for user reported bugs to determine the cause of the problem the user was experiencing and determine what corrective action needed to be taken.

·        Evaluated a variety of reporting and Oracle tools for use in the new environment.

Custom Research Inc.:  November 1999-January 2000

Developed user requirements and database and application design documents for a web-based application for Coca-cola distributors  that would allow us to bring their hard-copy excel reports on customer satisfaction to the web.


Intecon Inc.

Contract Analyst (April 1997-November 1999):

Guidant, Arden Hills: 

Worked on the Manufacturing data tracking system (aka. MATT) which is used for all manufacturing in Guidant plants in St. Paul, Puerto Rico, and Ireland:

·        As a system application team member, wrote System Design Specifications, Functional Design Documents, Application Code, Test Plans and performed Formal Tests.

·        Designer for the data interface and handshaking protocol between MATT and SAP.

·        Project Lead for a team of 6 developers.  The project purpose was to change the processing of Rework within the MATT system.

·        Support Analyst for the MATT system.  Provided end-user support for application and system problems/questions.

·        Developed a support guide to ease transitions between team members.

·        Wrote adhoc SQL queries to help users get information they need from the system.

·        Designed a number of small applications to improve system operations and user support.

·        Worked with the Ingres DBAs to provide support to Guidant manufacturing in all user locations.


Northeast Metro Technical College, White Bear Lake, MN

Technical College Mathematics Instructor:  January 1990-April 1998

Taught night school Mathematics classes and substituted for regular daytime instructors as needed.


Friedman Engineering Contract Engineer:

Medtronic, Fridley:   January 1994-October 1994

Updated and modified code for an Ingres-based Issue Tracking System (ITS) running on Unix.  Participated in an evaluation of ITS versus Gnats (a GNU issue tracking tool written in C and Perl).  Became Medtronic's primary user support contact for Gnats:

·        Developed training materials, developed user guide and taught user classes

·        Helped groups develop their plans for Issue tracking and put it into action

·        Designed and developed a generic report tool for Gnats.


Engineering Systems and Technology 3M, St. Paul, MN

Senior Systems Analyst:  October 1987-March 1989

Developed and supported software for 3M’s Production Management and Quality System  (PMAQS).  PMAQS was a large plantwide Ingres database system running on VMS that was used in 5 of 3M’s manufacturing plants to keep track of their products on the line.  Led the project to port the PMAQS program to an HP system running Unix and developed a plan and guidelines to keep the two systems (VMS and UNIX) in agreement.


Developed a plan for the Traffic Control Materials department at 3M to allow the large variety of computers and programs they use to communicate and share information.


Honeywell Military Avionics, Mpls., MN

Senior Software Engineer:   Jan 1983-September 1987   

·        Supported 5 Honeywell Ingres database management system sites for 3 years and continued as a backup resource for Ingres support when responsibility for this task was transferred to another department.  During this time, developed many database applications including a Manpower tracking system, a departmental employee ranking/rating system, a personnel Skills bank system, two parts tracking systems, a recruiting database system and several other small database programs. 

·        Project lead for the Software Configuration Management System (SCMS) project for the Military Avionics division of Honeywell.  The tasks involved included the development of divisional SCMS requirements, evaluation and selection of an SCMS package, and development of a plan for the installation and customization of the selected package.  The development of the requirements required that three very different operations (with different needs) be brought to agreement on the needed capabilities of an SCMS.

·        Developed and coded the algorithms to be used in a two-camera vision project, which observed a robot, arm and determined the location and rotation of the robot arm relative to the base of the robot.

·        Developed software and performed hardware/software integration and testing as the software team member working on a Threat Warning Radar system.  Helped to isolate hardware errors in the radar system as well as hardware/software errors in the independently developed infrared detection system.  The system passed flight test for the Air Force.

·        Developed a Control Laws Simulator for Flight Control Systems, which allows the user to enter Control Laws into a path and run various frequencies through their Control Law path. 

·        Provided software recommendations, support, and work direction to technicians, engineers, and managers both inside and outside of the Software Engineering department.


Continuing Education:

Oracle classes: 

·        Introduction to Oracle for experienced SQL users

·        Develop PL/SQL units

·        Oracle Web application server administration

Sun Education:  Java programming language

Data Warehouse Institute Spring 2001 conference courses:

·        Data warehousing design and analysis techniques – Parts 1 & 2

·        Data Warehouse Lifecycle – Parts 1 & 2

MDL Education:

·        Plate Manager user and administrator training

·        Assay Explorer administrator and developer training

·        Isentris Developer and administrator training

·        User conferences 2004, 2005 and 2006

Introduction to Project Management training

Six Sigma Green Belt training